About Rose (and the Riveters!)

Rosie’s Riveters Staffing Service was founded and is operated by Rosaleen Flanagan. At the age of 18, Rosaleen emigrated to the U.S. from Ireland with very little other than her hopes of achieving the American dream. Today, Rosie’s Riveters Staffing Service continues to grow in size and market share. We value the American worker and seek to provide employment opportunities for those who have had difficulty in obtaining gainful employment. We don’t believe in barriers for the American worker. We believe in providing opportunity and bridges to all that seek employment.


By way of introduction my name is Rosaleen Flanagan and I’m the owner of Rosie’s Riveters Staffing Service.  I was born and raised in Ireland.  I graduated high school and was accepted into college.  At that time I had an oppoertuniy to come to America.  My family and everyone I knew encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunity that was being offered.  Ireland was a depressed country at the time and most people were unemployed or immigrating.  (This was years before the Celtic Tiger, which brought a lot of employment and wealth to Ireland.  Of course it is no different today than a lo of countries which are in economic depression.)

So I decided to immigrate to the United Staes when I was 17.  I applied for residency through a lottery program and it was through this that I became a permanent resident.  I am now a United States Citizen.  One of my first jobs was working as a cashier for the local grocery store. This was a part time position so I decided to look for a full time job.  I applied for a teller position at the local bank.  I was hired and began my 7 year career working in the banking industry.  I started off working as a Teller where I was then promoted to Assistant Teller.  From there I joined the Accounting Department and became the Assistant Manager, which I held for 3 years.  An opening became available within the bank in the Electronic Data Processing Department for a manager.  I was interviewed for the position and was hired.  I spent 2 years working as the EDP Manager.  At that time my husband and I decided to start a family so I took a career break.

Shortly after starting a family I decided that I would like to go back to work.  I applied for a position working in the corporate office of a Staffing firm located in NJ.  I have spent 10 years and gained great knowledge working in this field.  At this point in my life I feel like I have the experience to go out on my own and start Rosie’s Riveters Staffing Service.

I love that I can help people from both ends of the spectrum ie, people looking for work and companies looking for good people.  I know that this is a challenge in these times but I am up for it!  If you have needs now or in the future for staffing, please give me a call at 570-807-9417 or email me at rosie@rosiesriveters.com.  We specialize in Light Industrial and Clerical placements.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief history of Rosaleen Flanagan and Rosie’s Riveters.  I hope we can meet of work together in the near future.


Rosaleen Flanagan, CEO